I help Women Physicians 

achieve work-life balance

through their passion business



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Are you a busy successful woman physician,

exhausted and looking for changes?


You know you are a successful woman physician, 

but not sure how long you can continue practicing medicine the way how it is now.


You know you are a successful woman physician,

but you feel exhausted and think about quitting medicine.


You know your work is meaningful,

but you want more time and energy for your family and yourself. 


If you are thinking ''that's me!'' I can help you. 


I have been there. I know how you feel. 

I went through what you are going through now.

I help women physicians just like you

so that they can create work-life balance they deserve.


There is a better way to practice medicine.


We work together to build a strong foundation of your side business

so that you can practice medicine in your own term

and enjoy your career and life again. 

You worked so hard to get here.

You deserve a better life. 



Work with Me